Drukāt lapu

The University of Latvia Foundation

The University of Latvia Foundation was established in 2005 with an aim to facilitate relationships with donors and patrons of the UL and to provide scholarships as well as other kinds of support to students, lecturers and researchers. The University of Latvia Foundation also administers educational, learning environment improvement and reconstruction projects supported by the patrons.

The Latvian National Opera

The Latvian National Opera (LNO) House is home to both the Latvian National Opera and the Latvian National Ballet. In the course of a season the LNO performs more than 200 performances, staging on average six new productions. While paying tribute to the traditional values of the classical and Romantic operas and ballets that are the cornerstones of its repertoire, the LNO continually strives to seek contemporary forms of expression. 2012 saw the launch of the LNO Academy, supported by The Boris and Inara Teterev Foundation.

SummerStudio, producers’ association

Every Saturday at 10am , LTV1 addresses its viewers with a programme "Ķepa uz sirds" (A Paw on your Heart), sponsored by Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation (rerun on Sundays at 15.30).

"Ķepa uz sirds" is programme for families about animal protection, it gives experts’ advice on pet care, training and many other exciting issues. It visits pet shelters and helps their inhabitants find new homes and owners.

Latvian Academy of Art

The Latvian Academy of Art provides quality higher education in the field of visual arts, design and art theory. It offers Bachelor′s degree programme in art; Master′s degree programme in art and Doctoral programme in art.

Rundāle Palace - Museum

Rundāle Palace is one of the most outstanding architectural monuments in Latvia and a significant Baroque architecture ensemble with a palace, stables and a park.

Since 1972 it has been a museum which started the restoration of the palace and renovation its park, not completed until present.

The restoration is envisaged to be finished before 2014 owing to the support of the Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation.

Riga Stradiņš University

Riga Stradiņš University trains not only doctors, dentists, pharmacists and nurses, but also specialists in rehabilitation, public healthcare, social sciences and law. The university focuses on specialities, which are greatly needed by the society and the state. The vast majority of medical professionals working in various fields in Latvia have acquired their education at Rīga Stradiņš University.

Co-operation with Riga Stradiņš University involves carrying out the informal training programme “Academy of New Intelligentsia” in order to support hard-working students with Benefactor Boris Teterev Scholarships in Medicine and cover the participation fees of students in international scientific conferences.

Latvian Community Initiatives Foundation

The Foundation aims at attracting funds and other resources to support and educate non-governmental organizations in the field of social welfare, health care and education in the regions of Latvia and Riga by promoting community initiatives.

The Foundation administrated (from 2010 till 2013) grant programmes “Support to Riga Seniors”, “Help the Mothers” and “Healthy and Happy” which were financed by Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation.

Riga City Council

Riga Municipality is a local authority that ensures the functioning defined by the law, fulfilment of tasks prescribed by the Cabinet of Ministers, and the execution of Municipality voluntary initiative with the intervention of the Riga City Council and in accordance with the interests of the inhabitants of the respective administrative territory. There are 700 00 inhabitants in Riga.

Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation co-operates with Riga City Council in bringing to life the idea of putting up a monument to the outstanding ballet artist Māris Liepa.

The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia

The Ministry of Culture is the state governing institution, which organizes and coordinates state culture policy and cultural-educational policy. The following fields are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry: Libraries, Museums, Music, Fine Art, Amateur and Folk Art, Theatre, Literature, Film Art, Cultural Education, Copyrights, Architecture, Protection of Monuments, Archives and Society Integration.

Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation co-operates with the Ministry of Culture in bringing to life the idea of putting up a monument to the outstanding ballet artist Māris Liepa.

A charity portal which enables private persons and businesses to donate for their peers on the Internet.The aim of the portal is to promote positive social changes offering a chance to donate. believe that Latvian society is willing to support people who are in the worst position and need just a little help to start a new life.

Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation cooperate with in the charity communal meals project “Kopgalds – siltas maltītes atbalsts”.